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Motivation of the Struggling Employee

If you have the struggling employee and require some decisions of management of work, here the simple plan which can turn its or its work.
Begin, sitting down from your employee and looking at its or its current contributions to the company as a whole. It helps serving to remember its or its part in all process – something about what it is possible to forget easily, sitting in a cabin all the day long. Then a set, vypolnimyy, “CLEVER” (defined, izmerimyy, comprehensible, realistic, and with term instructions) the purposes which will improve its or its ability to promote. Arrange on priorities of the purpose and results it agree to that is its most valuable use or its time. Then, plan time to meet again and to estimate its or its advancement of certain terms of quantity, quality, timeliness, and-or to cost.
Important, as you and the employee finish its estimation or its works. Establish a method to estimate results as excessive expectations, justifying hopes, or without justifying hope. Offer the award for high number of the exceeded expectations. It could be podnimaniem, the award, a gift card, etc. The more desirable, the more the employee will wish to exceed expectations. In time, as the employee considers its or its increased profitableness and value, it or it it will be probable to feel bol’shee sensation of unity and will continue to be allocated irrespective of any kind of the additional award.
The critical part should include ideas of the employee. If he or it participates in development of their own plan concerning improvement it or it, more possibly, will succeed.

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